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Hetalia x Reader
The Game of Life~

Just a little drabble. Based on Miku Hatsune's The Game of Life. See if you can guess what country you are before you look at the Author's comment.  Good luck! By the way this is AU so human names will be used.  Your first life is your own.

Little Peter Kirkland recently passed away due to falling off a cruise ship accidently while he vacationing with his parents. He was in Heaven and he walked down a separate hall after being judge and let in. He was supposed to get his wings, but something pulled him away into a dark, strange room. There were no walls, but chain link fence tied together. There was some floor, but smothered in a strange writing with some blood as ink. The boy looked around and saw eleven pictures on the wall, of 11 different people.

"Hello Peter!" a voice said that made him jump.

He looked up at the source and saw a nice, clean looking girl with (hair color and length) hair and (eye color) eyes that shown some 'fun' in them. She sat at a desk with the only source of light above her. Peter, not knowing why he sat down in the chair that was station in front of the girl's desk looked at the few items on the desk: a pair of dice, a note pad, and a name plate that read "Miss (Full Name) Player of Life"

"What-What does it mean Player of Life ma'm?" Peter shook.

"Why I'm a player in God's game. He plays me life." She smiled.

Peter didn't believe this. God loves; he wouldn't do such a thing.

"He only plays with certain people's fate, such as yours and mine. I am assigned to tell you about how you play the game while I wait for my final life. Because you see Peter, God rolls dice and reincarnates you into who ever that number landed on. And because there are two 6s, he repeats this twelve times." You informed him.

"Are those people on your wall your past lives?" the boy asked, glancing at the pictures behind him. ( Name) got up from her desk and walked over to the pictures. Peter turned his chair around to watch.

The first picture looked just like (Name):

"My first life was was beaten to death
My second life I was egocentric and did whatever I want."  She moved over the second picture.
"My third life I was  ice cold and had only two friends.
My fourth life I was an aristocratic pianist.
My fifth life I was very weak and flirted with all the girls
My sixth life I helped corrupt the Government taking freedom away.
My seventh life I pretended to hate everyone, and killed them with my cooking.
My eighth life I was a rich Tomato Farm owner.

Peter, dear, this is all a game by a playful God.  Human life is but trudging along a preset track. Each and one of us."  She informed stopping on the eighth picture of a happy looking man.

"Will I end up like them too?" Peter asked.

"Well Peter, This game of life binds us all.  Controlling us with invisible threads, God rolls the dice and watches the outcome." She frowned. "Now then, my lives.

" My ninth life, I was a high sodiumed  Manga artist.
My tenth life, I was a loved and slept with many
My eleventh life…." She stopped at the last picture that was bloodied and matched the rest of the room, " … I taught my comrades a lesson."  She said with a dark tone on the eleventh.

Peter backed away all he wanted was his angel wings not this! He got to the door and turned around and tried to open it. The door was locked! No!

(Name) giggled. " You are my replacement. You are God's new entertainment.  Today is another day determinded by a throw of the dice. Every day is a repeat of the same thing." (Name) slowly stepped toward the new player. "It's a game of life where you're thrown away at once he's bored. Like me, you will never get your wings. Everything is at the mercy of God's whim, yet humans don't know that and blame fate. Funny isn't it?"

Peter screamed for helped, but no one came to the rescued.  (Name) continued to talk as she took one step at a time toward him. Peter was trapped.

" Be it good or bad luck its just a choice with a probability of  one sixth. You know that. I know you are good in math Peter. I wonder what's going to be my last life…. Before I disappear…."
(Name) grabbed Peter's shoulder.  "This game of life binds us, as he grins and throws the dice. He cheats and plays dirty without a qualm. And yet people worship him.  How laughable is that? How laughable is that?!" (Name) shook Peter smiling with a crazy grin. And before he knew it, everything went blank.
Sorry that I didnt' get the characters exactly right, but here's the answers:

1. Yourself
2. Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia)
3. Ludwig Beilschmidt (Germany)
4. Rodrich Edelstein (Austria)
5. Felicano Vargas ( North Italy )
6. Alfred F. Jones (America)
7. Arthur Kirkland ( England/ Britan )
8. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo ( Spain)
9. Kiku Honda ( Japan)
10. Francis Bonnefy ( France)
11. Ivan Braginski ( Russia)

Peter Kirkland = Sealand

Song: [link]
I never thought I would have written a Sealand x Reader....
For a second I got too Silent Hillish with the room. I need to save that for Germany.

I hope I haven't offended anybody, I know religion can be touchy with some people. So I'll put a warning on it.

BTW, you can expect 1 America, 1 Italy, and 2 Germany reader inserts coming from me.

Hope you enjoy!
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cutechibicat Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
waah I'm scary!!!
HypedOnChocolate Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
Oh wow, I got all of the countries right! :D That was actually pretty cool... But I kind of pity Sealand... ._.
DarkHeartLycan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As soon as I read 'Little Peter Kirkland had recently passed away', I instantly started crying D'x
Poor Sea-Kun can't die QwO
Fallen-Lilith Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
But he does go to heaven though.
DarkHeartLycan Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, it's better than Limbo...
Okay, I'll let you off for killing my Sealand-Kun xD
Disciple77 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
This was pretty cool! Very interesting. I want to know more about each life 0.0!!!
Fallen-Lilith Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You know what, that would be interesting to do.
Hinata-34546 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student Artist
ITS AWSEOMSENESS IS OVER 9000 (sorry lame dbz reference)
Fallen-Lilith Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
omg thank you so much! That means so much!
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